Re-engage your users with web push notifications.

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Start catching the low-hanging fruit!

Web push notifications reach over 80% of all internet users.
If you’re not using push notifications and send out emails or use traditional ads to re-engage your audience, you’re missing out your best opportunity.

Communicate with your users even when they aren’t on your site!

Easiest set-up

Start sending your first push within 5 minutes from login and see your conversions lifting up. It's never been so easy!

Advanced segmentation

Reach your users at the right moment with the right message. Target users upon pageviews, geo-location and other custom events.

Personalized opt-in

Increase opt-in rates by providing a tailored message that highlights the benefits for the user in subscribing.

Use dynamic notifications

Personalized notifications can boost engagement up to 46%. Use custom attributes to send relevant and tailored notifications.

Timezone based delivery

Your users are not all active at the same time. Send timezone based push notifications, to ensure you will reach them out at the right moment.

Feed to push

Just pass a feed URL and start sending web push notifications to your subscribers automatically.